Budget 2019 Live Updates - New Schemes Launched By Government 2019

Kisan Rahat Yojana 2019 - Modi Government can announce a new government scheme for all small margins of the country in its budget on February 1, 2019, under this government scheme of the Central Government, to provide financial assistance to all the farmers of the country. Not only this, the financial assistance of Rs.12,000 will be made for financially vulnerable farmers under this scheme of Government, which will be provided by the Central Government 12 thousand rupees will be sent to all small marginal farmers of India.

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2019 Live Budget

Live Budget 2019 

The Central Government is launching this government scheme recently by encouraging the Kalia scheme launched by the Odisha government, but under this Government scheme launched by the Government of India, every year Rs. 12 thousand for the farmers of all the lower classes cash will be given to the Center. The Central Government is going to start this government scheme for this so that all the poor farmers of the country can get maximum financial assistance Could be so and to overcome the economic crisis

As you may know, there are about 12 crore small and marginal farmers in the present time in India, if the central government starts this government scheme smoothly, then this figure can be reduced by reducing the cost of the scheme. Estimated GDP for for year 2019 can be brought to 1.44 lakh crore or 0.76 percent.

Budget 2019 - Financial Assistance of Rs. 12 thousand for small marginal farmers
With this plan, the Indian government can make a new update in the crop insurance scheme and the Prime Minister's Housing Insurance scheme, keeping in view the interests of the farmers, apart from this, the central government may also announce the launch of several other government schemes in this budget.

Budget 2019 - Important Announcements

6 thousand rupees will be deposited every year in the bank account of all the poor farmers of the country. This government scheme will be implemented officially from 1 December 2019-20. This scheme will be started so that the maximum financial assistance of the farmers To be able to

Kamdhenu Yojana - Center Government will start this government scheme for all animal husbandry in the country. Under this scheme, maximum care will be taken for their upbringing, Rs. 750 crores will be spent by the government to start this scheme smoothly. Not only will the government allow 2% discount for animal husbandry and fisheries.

Prime Minister Kisan Adhash Nidhi Yojana - Under this government scheme, the Government will be given 6-6 thousand rupees to the farmers of all the lower classes for which the government has fixed a budget of Rs. 75 thousand crore and not only this government scheme For the financial assistance of 10 crore laborers, a pension of Rs. 3 thousand will be given to the benefit of this government scheme to all farmers having 2 hectares of land.

Prime Minister Shri Yogi Mudhodan Yojana- This government scheme started by the Government of India has been officially approved, under this government scheme, the employee whose income is 15 thousand rupees will be given pension under this scheme

Kisan Credit Card Scheme - Under this Government scheme, Government will provide a discount of 2% on crop loans and any type of equipment to all farmers.

Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme - Under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme launched by the Government of India, about 8 crore lower class families of the country will be given the benefit of this government scheme.

Granted Pension Scheme - Under this Government Scheme, Government of India will get pension for all citizens with low salary

One Rank One Pension Scheme- The Government of India has fixed the budget fixed under this Government scheme to 35 thousand crore rupees

Udan Yojana - Under this general budget, the official has announced official plan to start the flying plan keeping in mind the interests of all common citizens of the country.

Increase in EPF funds - This budget has been announced by the government, if any employee dies, then financial assistance of Rs. 6 lakhs will be given to the family for financial assistance, 2.5 lakh rupees earlier.

Flood Relief Scheme - It has been described by the government that a rebate of 5% on the amount of interest will be given to all the victims of disaster

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana- The Government of India has decided to run this government scheme smoothly with a budget of Rs. 19 thousand crores
Prime Minister Money Scheme - Under this Government Scheme, any citizen can now take up a loan of up to Rs.15 crore.

Increase in the tax exemption limit - Under this budget of the Government of India, if any citizen's income is up to Rs 5 lakh annually, then no tax of any kind will be taken as it has been officially announced by the Central Government. Not only this, besides, if a person invests, then no tax will be levied on the amount of upto Rs. 6.5 lakhs.

On the interest of Rs 40 thousand from the bank, now the consumer has to make no TDS of any kind, officially announced by the government

If a builder has his own house then he does not need to pay any tax for 2 years as it has been officially announced in this general budget of the Government of India.

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